Deca Aloes Arborescens' products are the only authorized and recognized by Father Romano Zago, who has wanted this proof to our Company the unconditional trust and testify under his own name, attention to quality? we devoted to research and development of natural products based on Aloe.
Aloe used in all our preparations? Aloe Arborescens only, tested and recognized as the most full benefits of active ingredients, including over 200 variety Aloe spread worldwide. The plants we use are grown exclusively under the traditional production techniques, totally respectful of biological rhythms dictated by the seasons and nature that do not provide any kind of artificial treatment, including the heating of greenhouses.

All the leaves of Aloe Arborescens for our preparations are exclusive of Italian origin, so as to ensure maximum freshness at the time of use, and enable their work immediately after collection.

The same processes for the production or preparation of the extracts used for other products, include the use of the leaves in their entirety, so as to ensure the contribution of all the principles contained in the course benefits every part of the plant.