Deca Aloes Arborescens S.r.l. - an Italian company which we built from this one fundamental ideal: to produce a range of cosmetic products and alimentary integrators made primarily from aloe-arborescens extracts.

Products from Nature

Our mission is to bring people closer to the benefits of nature through unique products, aimed at well-being and beauty. The extracts from aloes arborescens, together with special ingredients bring about high quality products recommended for well-being and beauty.

A small range of products has been created, from developing research, to cater for the most complex consumer needs. Products originating from Deca Aloes Arborescnes contain a unique combination of concentration and mixture so that the properties of aloe arborescens, along with its potency, and our methods of plant extraction make them different to the countless other products on the market.

Important notice

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